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About the Homeopathy Consumer Council

The Mission of Homeopathy Consumer Council  (HCC) is to empower consumers to use homeopathy by creating a network of homeopathy customers, producers, and practitioners. Together, this collaboration ensures consumer choice, regulatory/legislative integrity, and supports a market that espouses the needs of the customer as its core and guiding value. 

The Homeopathy Consumer Council seeks......

Successful Work Team

HCC has the cooperation and collaboration of many existing Homeopathic organizations such as (TBA)




Family Maternity

Together with the leading certifying homeopathic organizations, HCC seeks to empower the entire infrastructure of homeopathy, furthering initiatives which establish homeopathy as a valuable and leading part of the American healthcare narrative.


Advocacy for homeopathy is critical to protecting consumer access to it.  The policy and legislative environment must be one that promotes consumer choice in homeopathy, and the collaborative efforts within HCC is crucial.

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